Monday, February 14, 2022

Cantonese Roasted Duck (廣式燒鴨)


Cantonese Roasted Duck is one of the must-have dishes in a Cantonese restaurant.  Its skin is crispy, its meat is juicy and tender.

I'd decided to try it out on the Valentine day.  I couldn't find my long stainless steel pin; instead, after seasoning, I used about a dozen of the toothpicks to seal the cavity of the duck.  Also, since I didn't buy a whole duck, I had to seal the neck portion of the duck as well.  Because of that, I didn't blow air under the skin of the duck.

When the duck was done roasted, I was a little disappointed because the skin wasn't crispy enough and its meat was very chewy.  The lessons learned:
  • The duck selection is very important.  It should be fresh, about 3.5 pound with the neck attached.  This will ensure when the duck finished, its meat is juicy and tender.
  • After seasoning, blowing air under the skin of the duck is a must.  This is a very crucial step to have crispy skin.


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