Thursday, October 14, 2021

Cast Iron Rice (or Clay Pot Rice)

Clay Pot Rice, as its name suggests, is usually cooked with clay pots.  Mine was broken years ago, so, I used my combo cooker (a cast iron) instead, hence, the name Cast Iron Rice :)

The readers should know me by now, I don't usually follow the recipes to the letter.  There is no exception in this case as well.  The top 2 pictures above, I used Chinese sausages, and the 3rd one I used a pack of Italian sausage from Costco.  In other occasions, I used Costco rotisserie chicken (yes, cooked), pork (also cooked) or any leftover meats (yes, also cooked) in my fridge.

I like Cast Iron Rice (or Clay Pot Rice) because it has rice, meats, veggies and I often crack a couple of eggs as well.  The cooking usually takes about 20 minutes.  I don't usually bother to soak the rice in water  in advance because I enjoy harder rice better.  The first 10 mins is the time to cook the rice.  During which, I usually prepare the sauce, veggies, slice the meat or debone the chicken.  After that, I add all the ingredients into the plot, wait for another 10 minutes.  That's it.  It even has the burned rice at the bottom.  

It's a quick and predictable way of having a nice meal during a hectic day.

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